We invite you to submit your proposals and thus contribute to the success of the 8th World Congress for Psychotherapy of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP), which will be a gathering point for psychotherapists and other experts who, in their respective ways, care for the quality of living of individuals, couples, families and groups.


The French Federation for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (FF2P) and its partners, the French League of Mental Health and the Minkowska Center, have the great honor of organizing the world congress of the World Council for Psychotherapy. Hosting this event in the exceptional framework of this century of globalization brings into discussion psychotherapeutic practices, their theoretical foundations and the converging point of psychotherapy with different anthropological, sociological, epistemological, and ethical representations.


Sharing and exchanging both our hopes and our practices is the goal of this congress.


The Congress sub-themes and suggested topics can be found on Congress Topics


It is therefore a pleasure to invite you to actively participate in the upcoming Congress, which is possible through several formats:


Oral Presentation

• 15/20 minutes

• scientific work (either a qualitative or a quantitative approach) or professional paper

• required abstract content: title, goal, method, results, conclusions and keywords



• 90 minutes

• required abstract content: title, goal, learning outcomes, workshop content, course of the workshop, expectations from the participants, maximum number of participants



• scientific work (qualitative or quantitative approach) or professional paper

• required abstract content: title, goal, method, results, conclusions

• author’s presence required on Wednesday  26th of July from 12.30 am to 2.00 pm (the best poster prizes ceremony will be Thursday 27th of July from 1.30 pm to 2.00 pm)

• poster’s size: Format A0: Height 120cm x width 80cm - Font Arial/Helvetica - Size 18 minimum






The invitation is open to psychotherapists from various fields of psychotherapy, researchers and other psychotherapy experts. The standards for the proposals are following:


• the call for proposal must be written in English or French

• the maximum title length is 100 characters

• abstract can be up to 2000 characters

• the candidate’s biography of maximum 1000 characters is mandatory

• if submitting for workshop information about the maximum number of participants must be included

• a maximum of 3 keywords

• the selected topic must be in accordance with congress title and suggested topics

• the author who will be presenting i.e. the presenter has to be the first one mentioned

• abstracts will be printed out in the language they were submitted in

• the abstract will be included in the program only if the presenter has paid his congress fee

• co-authors have to pay a participation fee only if they participate in the congress

• the proposal title and abstract must be written in English or French

• due to the limited term schedule for active participation, those papers that excel in quality and deal with the most appealing topics will be selected.

• workshops selection will take into account the diversity of psychotherapy modalities, also.



For further details on submission, do not hesitate to send us an email



Ready To Submit Papers?


You can apply solely via the congress web page by December 1st 2016.

The selected participants will be informed about the selection via e-mail by December 15th 2016.

Every selected participant is required to pay a registration fee.


By actively participating in the Congress “Life and love in the 21st century” you will contribute not only to its success, but also to the long-term establishment of psychotherapy as a profession.


We are therefore giving you our thanks in advance and are impatiently awaiting your applications!


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submit an abstract



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